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DRONEs cost money, and we are interested on help you build your own business at the lower costs so we don’t want to see you crash!!!

And that’s why we have our Pilot Academy for teaching the basics about flying and maintenance so you can actually fix and operate your DRONE if you need so.

Our program topics include:

  • DRONE basic components
  • Basic structures
  • Assemble
  • Hot Fix
  • Basic controls
  • Simulator
  • Practice real fly

With our training you will defiantly get the necessary skills for nail it.

Why Are We The Best?

A real enterprise full of people working together to keep a decent job.
We do our best to help you, allways looking to get the things well done, with the best quality and a professional service.
Things must be properly done and this why we have the best equipment, the right people and the sharpest technology.

Have a trill

Be the most reckless pilot and live one of the most excitement hobby in the world.

Find a Job

Work for one of the many enterprises already using DRONES.

Make a business

Make a startup of your own and become the next successful entrepreneur.

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Droidika can do amazing things for your business

and for your customers. Let us know your needs so that we can offer a customized solution for your business.
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