3DR UAV Flight and Operations Training

//3DR UAV Flight and Operations Training
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3DR UAV Flight and Operations Training


3DR Solo UAV Flight & Operations Training

Next training starts March 14-15


Product Description

This training will teach how to safely operate and fly a multi-rotor or fixed wing UAV. The topics covered:

  • Overview of the UAV system
  • Safety and Regulations for Mexico
  • Setting up the system
  • 3DR Solo App Overview
  • Firmware Update
  • Pre-flight checks
  • GoPro Controls and Setup
  • Flight Controls and the Artoo Controller
  • Hands-on Simulator time
  • Hands-on Solo time
  • Smart Shots Theory
  • Selfie
  • Orbit
  • Multi-point Cable cam
  • Follow Me
  • Wrap-up

The training is 2 days long from 9:30am-5:30pm.