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In an emergency there is no time to waste, and having the right information at the right time is key to saving lives and preventing accidents. Using UAVs emergency response crews can get a quick overview and situational awareness of the emergency.

Coordinating a full size plane or helicopter to deploy in a disaster situation can take precious time, with a UAV crews can obtain real time information, images and video that can help locate victims, monitor wild fires, monitor landslides, check buildings and structures for damage, among many other uses and all of this keeping essential personel out of danger zones.

Droidika can help you by deploying a crew of experienced pilots to help your crews. We can also provide the necesary training to your personel to safely operate your own UAVs.

UAVs can also be used during simulations to get an overview of the movements of the crews, check for mistakes, and have a recorded log of how the simulation unfolded all this for later review and to improve future response. Using real time video security forces can monitor crowds and prevent escalations and obtain critical intelligence information with out endangering personel.

Protecting and saving lives will be easier with the help from Droidika.


With HD real time video feeds you will never loose any of the action. Our systems are capable of digital real time video transmision that can be fed to a CCTV system as easy as a live internet transmission feed and be viewable anywhere in the world.

Using thermal cameras our systems can see at night as well as day giving you a 24hr operation window as long as local regulations allow it. With thermal vision you can spot higher temperature areas or fires and be ahead of them.

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