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Before Construction Starts

Even before a single decision has been made about building a project, the right people must count on precise information about the construction area and this is why our Aerial Photography and Aerial Mapping services are so helpful.

Having high resolution aerial pictures and a highly detailed map of your terrain will let you have the best planning, and this will lead you to a successful start of your project. You will be able to:

  • Have high quality aerial images of the terrain (orthophoto)
  • Have a detailed map of landscapes with contour lines and height measurements
  • Have better images for the presentation of the project and even for marketing
  • Calculate volumes and requiered amounts of construction materials
  • Be able to plan best paths over difficult areas”

During Construction

Following and managing project advances used to be difficult. Keeping track of all the material resources and people, while transforming or creating a structure in a short amount of time, makes it hard follow the progress of the project.

Fortunately Droidika has different products and services specially developed for solve this kind of problems. You will be able to:

  • Have a visual comparison of the project’s progress
  • Calculate volumes of used construction materials
  • Have up to date orthophotos
  • Find damage or structural changes.
  • Submit more accurate reports
  • More graphic and easy to understand presentations
  • Compile an amazing timeline of the overall progress

After Construction

Our services and products are still useful once construction is finished. You will have a memoir of the construction progress that you can use to showcase your project. You will also have a reference of how the construction was when delivered and one that can be used to compare against future surveys to detect structural changes and prevent issues in the future.

Great Value

The quality of our products and services will go far beyond your expectations, you can find lots of innovative ways to make use of them and increase its value in your own ways. Some examples are:

  • Use your 3D maps and videos for marketing purposes
  • Present your building models on real environments
  • Get textures for your 3D models
  • Make virtual tours for buyers
  • Take your project to the next level!


A point cloud is a set of data points in some coordinate system. In a three-dimensional coordinate system, these points are usually defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, and often are intended to represent the external surface of an object.

A digital surface model (DSM) represents the first surface of the terrain as seen from above these surfaces may represent buildings, tree canopies and other objects. A digital terrain model represents the bare ground. Most UAV service providers can only create a DSM, by using advanced in house photogrametry software we can generate DTMs in almost any type of terrain.

UAV generated point clouds are created from hundreds or even thousands of photographs. Therefore the points generated can only be of visible objects to the camera. If an object or surface is obscured by another object, such as ground beneath tree cover or caves, these will not show up on a UAV generated Point cloud. In LiDAR based point clouds it is often the case that multiple returns represent different parts of a structure, like a tree, the first return may represent the top of the tree while the last return may represent the bare ground. With this in mind UAV generated point coulds have comparable accuracy to LiDAR in areas where the bare ground is visible, such as stockpile yards and mines.

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