Aerial Photography

High definition from the skies

It´s all in the quality and the quality is all about experience and equipment.

Droidika has the most versatile and varied equipment to get that picture you need according to your budget. From small multi-copters with action cameras to mid size carrying a DSLR or a BlackMagic, all the way up to large ones capable of carrying a RED camera. From everyday events and parties to big screen productions, our professional and experienced staff can help you capture those stunning shots you are looking for.

The use of UAVs to capture aerial images and videos is often safer, quicker and less expensive than using full size planes or helicopters and often getting shots that may be impossible to capture using larger equipment. The perspective and angles that UAVs allow you to capture will open up your creative potential.

It’s easy

Just tell us what you need to capture, when, and what quality you need. We can help you plan and excecute the shots. The table below shows you the pricing for our photography services depending on the equipment used:

Camera Types

Small action camera capable of capturing 4K 30 fps footage, or slow timelapse videos and photography.


High quality full frame sensor cameras capable of Full HD video and low distorsion images with multiple lens options.


A profesional pocket sized Super 16 digital film camera capturing high quality lossless CinemaDNG RAW at 1080HD resolution.


The Ferrari of digital cinema cameras used in most high end productions. Sure to fit your most demanding shoots.


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